Jointly housed between the college of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning and the Kautz-Uible Cryptoeconomics Lab, the NFT Media Lab at the University of Cincinnati focuses on the history, function, and creation of artworks that exists within the framework of myriad online systems and networks that comprise the online NFT media space. Our aim is to spearhead NFT initiatives at the University of Cincinnati with a special focus in the production of visual media, online experiences, and educational initiatives while addressing issues of intellectual property, creative rights, new creative business models, and materiality--new materials in the practices of design, architecture, art and planning.

Current and upcoming projects include the student-run NFT Art Space - The Prospect Gallery, a new course for the creation, minting, and dissemination of NFT works, Art, Design, and the NFT as well as pending international partnerships.

The NFT Media Lab is directed by Jordan Tate

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